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The following table shows the results of a test designed to compare the brightness and color of several bulbs. The data in the table shows the approximate range of each bulb under the same circumstances. The tests were performed with the bike sitting on a stand and the same headlight pointing was used for each test. The tests were performed back to back to ensure the same ambient light levels.

The 70W IEC bulb showed the greatest range but the 65W Osram was much wider and whiter, making it preferable to the 70W bulb. The 65W bulb is also much more rugged than the other bulbs, reducing the odds of a broken filament due to vibrations while riding.     

All H7 bulbs are single filament only and not approved for street use with the stock headlight reflector, even if the bulb is DOT approved!

  Stock Bulb 65W Osram 70W IEC 55W H7 55W Silverstar
Stock Wiring and Switches 45 ft 131 ft 136 ft 117 ft 120 ft
Headlight Only (Taillight and DRL moved to Battery Circuit with PMXTEC Wiring Mod) N/A 155 ft 157 ft 136 ft 127 ft
Notes Very wide, dim, and out of focus. Very white and wide illumination area, extremely durable. Slightly yellower and narrower than 65W Osram Much Narrower than other bulbs tested Very white but not as bright as the higher powered bulbs. Good for




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