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Complete Upgraded KTM Headlight Kit

Kits includes stock KTM numberplate and headlight assembly upgraded with PMXTEC Premium Upgrade Kit, switch mounted on back of numberplate, and wiring kits for various model years.

bulletNOT FOR STREET USE (stock bulb is included in kit and can be used for street riding, it takes about 2 minutes to swap it out)
bulletFits 2001-2012 XC, MXC, EXC that are pre-wired for headlights (non pre-wired bikes may require stator replacement, voltage regulators, and/or wiring mods).
bulletFits 2013 EXC and XC-W (2013 XC and XC-F use new 2014 style headlight which is incompatible with our headlights).
bulletRetains Factory Look with 2008-2013 KTM diamond shaped headlight
bulletBright and durable Osram 65W Halogen Bulb
bulletSwitch mounted to back of numberplate simplifies wiring and requires no extra brackets

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Fits 2008-2013 Models, except 2013 XC & XC-F (2008 Front Fender required for use with 2001-2007 models)

  Complete Headlight, White, $167.99

2008-12 Front Fender, White $29.99

Need Spare Bulbs? Click Here.

Installation Procedures:

All XC-W, XCR-W, EXC, and MXC models 2005 and newer are prewired for this headlight (Wiring kit included for 2001-2004 models). Installation procedure as follows:

  1. Remove stock numberplate.
  2. From the wiring harness, connect the yellow wire and the white wire together using included adapter wire.
  3. Plug in the main connector from the headlight assembly into the wiring harness (Slightly more wiring required for 2001-2004 model years).
  4. Mount the headlight assembly to the bike by mating with the pins on the front fender and securing the rubber straps around the front forks. Make sure to route the brake cable properly through the guide on the numberplate. Use included cable ties to keep wiring neat.
  5. It may be necessary to adjust the pointing of the headlight using the adjustment screw located just below the headlight.

Comparison Photos:

Stock '05-'06 525 EXC  PMXTEC Kit

Head on shot of stock headlight

Head on shot of PMXTEC Headlight

Rider's perspective of stock headlight

Rider's perspective of PMXTEC headlight

Stock headlight from an angle

PMXTEC Headlight from an angle


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