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Oil Sighting Glass Cover

The oil sighting glass makes a nice target for rocks, and other debris. We've seen them break, allowing all of the engine oil to leak out while riding. You know what happens then!! Our solution is this slotted cover that just bolts on. Not only does it keep the larger debris away from the glass, but it adds a little bling to your engine also.

***TIP*** We've heard that the sighting glass can also crack from high pressure in your engine, possibly from running too much oil. If you ever see oil leaking from around the glass replace it ASAP. They are cheap and easy to replace, but devastating if they break.

Fits the following bikes:

bullet400/450/525 EXC MXC XC XC-W: 2003-2007
bullet450/525/560 SMR: 2005-2007
bullet450/540 SXS: 2006
bullet450/525 SX: 2003-2006
bullet250 EXC RFS: 2003-2005
bullet400-520: 2000-2002

Key Benefits

bulletCheap Insurance
bulletLooks Cool
bulletFits almost all current KTM RFS models.
bulletMuch Cheaper than an Engine Rebuild
bulletFits almost all 2000 and newer RFS models except 2007 SX

For Canadian Orders see

MSRP $13.49

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