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PMXTEC headlights and upgrade kits use the stock KTM headlight parts for a clean factory look but are in a whole different league when it comes to brightness and durability because of the H7 bulb. The H7 halogen bulbs are very efficient and a variety of different types are readily available (you can buy many of them at your local auto parts store).

We prefer the Osram 65W H7 bulb, which is very bright and uses a heavier filament that stands up better to the vibrations associated with off road riding than most other bulbs on the market. No stator mods are required for the 4 stroke XC's, MXC's and EXC's or the 2 strokes with 2-k3 stators. Smaller bore 2 strokes with 2-k2 and 2-k1 stators may require stator work to power bulbs greater than 35W. 

Our adapter is injection molded using high temperature Zytel so that it will withstand the high operating temperatures of halogen bulbs. It is well known that installing an H4 into a stock KTM headlight will melt the reflector. This is because to get the H4 focused properly you have to insert it directly into the headlight with the base of the bulb in contact with the reflector. The geometry of the H7 allows us to isolate the bulb from the reflector via the high temp Zytel adapter ensuring that only a minimal amount of heat reaches the reflector.

For a comparison of some common headlight bulbs click here.

KTM and Husaberg Headlight Upgrade Kits

Upgrade your stock KTM headlight to an H7 Bulb. H7 Bulbs are brighter, more durable, and easier to get than your stock bulb. This kit lets you keep your stock headlight assembly and numberplate! The H7 is a single filament bulb so it is high beam only.

Spare H7 Bulbs

Replacement H7 Bulbs (off road use only, our bulbs are too bright for DOT approval




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